The awesome power of water  


We invested in a Flow Waterjet back in 2008. More versatile than a laser, it can cut viturally any material with a stress-free finish and with no transfer of heat, which can cause surface damage. The Dynamic cutting head provides a high degree of accuracy making tolerances of +/-0.1mm achievable.

Benefits of Watejet cutting are:

○ Vitually any material can be cut; Stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, bronze, glass,    plastics, ceramics, rubber, marble, granite & laminates

○ No discolouration of materials

○ Fast turnaround on cutting

○ No fume or toxic discharge

○ Dynamic cutting head can achieve tolerances of +/-0.1mm

○ No structural changes from heat generation due to cold cutting process

○ Materials up to 100mm can be cut, without changing the cutting bed

○ Flow Intergrated Flying Bridge with Dynamic Waterjet Technology